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Chevrolet / GMC Truck Restoration

updated February 4, 2011

reTruck was originally envisioned as the website for a Chevy/GMC light truck remanufacturing business. The premise was (and still is) the assembly-line style remanufacturing of light trucks to produce a consistently high quality product that would satisfy a growing demand for like-new earlier generation trucks.

To this end, we did extensive development work, including testing of all facets of the remanufacturing process.

However, we haven't yet been able to secure funding to launch this as a full scale operation.

At this time, we're plugging away at it and hope to find a way to proceed, on a small scale, without a lot of money coming in.

The original website detailing the process is here.

For more information, we can be contacted here:

Box 6378
AB T4G 1T1

tel (403) 227-2007



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